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4th Orphan Film Symposium: Itinerants

Panel: ITINERANTS OF THE 1930s AND 40s

• Gregory A. Waller (Indiana University)
Movies on the Road: Robert Southard and Traveling Film Exhibition, 1933-1949

• Dwight Swanson (Midwest Media Archives Alliance) and Caroline Frick (University of Texas at Austin)
"See Yourself on the Screen": Local Stars, Itinerant Films, and Complicating Film History (or, The Search for Melton Barker)

• Karen Glynn (Duke University) and Russ Suniewick (Colorlab)
H. Lee Waters' Movies of Local People: New 16mm Prints

Recorded March 25, 2004, at the 4th Orphan Film Symposium ("On Location: Place and Region in Forgotten Films"), Universtiy of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Full Orphans 4 program at:

See also,, for a transcript of Tom Whiteside's 1999 presentation, Up for Adoption? The Adaptability of H. Lee Waters' Movies of Local People.

Audio/Visual sound, audio only
Language English


University of South Carolina, Film and Media Studies Program


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